About BWRP

Broken World is a Minecraft roleplay server that has been running for the last four years, but as a community has been around for over a decade! While the server has changed hands and names along the way, the members of BWRP role play server still strive to create interesting stories and roleplay through the debatably useful game of Minecraft.

Our server is built around a strong collection of people from many different backgrounds, all coming together under one united banner of shitposting and friendship. Together we support an interesting, respectful, and enjoyable community where we forge new friendships and create new experiences.

Our goal is to have the everyday lives of each character within our Broken Worlds forge interweaving storylines that slowly build, not only on their own lore, but the lore of the entire world! This concept, that no single character is the protagonist and that the smallest of decisions could change fate, slowly reveals what makes up the blood and guts of BWRP:

Valuable individual stories working together to form the cosmology of our awesome community.

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As you can see, we pride ourselves on work done well, even if we enjoy shoddy memes.

The lore of our current world - and hopefully our forever world - begins with two separate alliances fleeing from a horde of undead, meeting unexpectedly in a brand new land named Nebelloren.

Play one of two factions, the Imeris Entente or the Wildchoir, each home to a handful of different fantasy-style races.

With a generally medieval feel and a shred of magic sprinkled in, you can experience life in the Entente as a dwarf in their gilded halls; a human fresh from fifteen years fighting demons on the Lambent Front; a Myriad, not born but discovered as a golem of sorts; or a Caeli Elf in tune with the skies and the earth, seeking to outshine the heavens themselves.

Dance to the beat of the holy verse in the Wildchoir as a Cuthail, short in stature but huge in community; a nymph-like Kihai Elf in tune with the harmony of nature; a reckless human of the Endless Spears, unable to refuse a challenge; or a gentle tusked giant of the mighty Hjen Orcs.

If you’re spoiled for choice, head over to our wiki for more information or chat with your fellow players on the discord server.

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