Last updated on February 8th 2020

Whether you’ve been roleplaying since the dawn of forums in the ‘90s or you’ve never heard of it before, all are welcome on the BWRP server.

To join in, we only need a couple of things from you.

Firstly, hop into our discord server and meet the rest of the community. We have a huge spread of people across multiple time zones, so there’s always someone around.

Next, have a browse of the new player guide on our Wiki and gather a few ideas of what character or faction you’d like to play. You don’t need any grand plans, but a vague idea will be helpful!

Finally head across to our application form where you’ll be asked a few questions about your roleplaying style and what you can get from us.

Give us around 24-48 hours to process your application, and if you think there’s been a problem you can contact a Community Moderator in the discord chat.

This next bit is optional...

When you're ready to play, download our modpack and texture pack below.