Last Updated 11/02/2020

While some of our rules are quite specific on exactly what not to do, the spirit of all these words is "don't be a dick."

If you're ever unable to have something quickly clarified, stick to this ruling and you'll do fine.

Not being a dick covers powergaming, godmodding, and any other actions that violate good roleplaying etiquette.

If a dispute comes up and the players cannot resolve it themselves feel free to seek out a CM (Community Moderator) or ST (Storyteller).

As an alternative to seeking staff mediation, most small disputes can easily be solved by using the server's /roll command to let chance decide the outcome.

Bullying counts as being a dick.

We do our best to accommodate a range of players from different ages and backgrounds. Attempts to purposefully offend others or drive others away will not be tolerated.

Depictions of detailed and graphic violence, torture or role-play of a sexual nature are not tolerated.

On occasion, watered-down versions of some of the above (eg. injuries, medical roleplay or battle scenes) are necessary and as such we expect the players to keep it tasteful and respectful.

This means act how your character would act, and don’t use knowledge that your character doesn’t know. No metagaming!

Out of character information in in-character channels can be ignored if not serious, but game-changing and meta info can result in administrative action.

Similarly, if your character is too young or too old for an activity, eg. combat, hard physical activity, etc. then they shouldn’t take part in it. Keep your stories age appropriate!

If your character dies, you must make a new one. This character can not have the knowledge or abilities of your previous character.

When a character dies, a chest is left behind containing their belongings and a sign indicating time and cause of death.

Consider the consequences where these chests are concerned: if you are seen looting the body of a recently fallen friend, you would likely be branded a thief or worse - especially if you spend time looting instead of attempting to find a doctor to save their life using medical roleplay.

When you steal, break, or otherwise alter someone's build or move their belongings clues must be left via signs that point to the race, profession, or even the individual that committed the crime. We heartily encourage the use of clues whenever passing somewhere you shouldn't be!

Examples of Clues

  • A sign that says something vague like ‘someone has stolen stuff from this chest’ or ‘there are footprints here’ is not good enough.
  • Bits of clothing of a certain color, or a certain shape of foot or hand print are acceptable clues.
  • A large, oily handprint has been left behind. A finger is missing from the handprint. Tracks have been left in the dirt from a pair of working boots.
  • A scrap of bright yellow fabric has been left behind.
  • The smell of fish lingers.

A lot of clues work very well with the character cards. For example leaving the smell of fish at the crime scene and having your character description note the smell of fish ever present around you.

Should the clues be poorly executed or lacking an ST may step in to provide clearer clues and you may be reprimanded.

Destruction or stealing of another player’s property without proper roleplaying or motivation will not be tolerated.

We advise you to read into our more detailed rules regarding Breaking builds and Theft.

Please see “Leave Clues”

To break a build intentionally please discuss with an ST first.

If a player has given you permission to destroy their building, please check it is not in use by any other players before you destroy it.

Intentionally adding to someone's build may also be considered a violation of this rule. For example, spamming SMP torch grids over someone's home would be both unnecessary (as we do not have vanilla mob spawns on by default) and a form of build-breaking.

For any other destruction or hindrance of builds, our rule of thumb is to put more effort into the destruction of the build than the owner put into its creation.

Be respectful of eachothers things!

Please see “Leave Clues”

When stealing try to think about what your character could feasibly carry. Don’t go running out of the bank with a mountain’s load of gold blocks, grab a few ingots and run.

If you wish to organise a larger scale heist to get away with your mountain of gold then talk to an ST and present them your character’s ideas and how you intend to make this fun and interactive for other players.

Large damages, such as TNT explosions, or removing large parts of walls, must be given permission by a Storyteller in advance. This also extends to belongings, for example; a farmer's herd of cows.

If you wish to build a safe or a locked room you must use redstone to build a functioning lock. This can be anything ranging from an iron door to a combination lock. If your character (or the player) is woefully inept at redstone, seek the help of someone who knows what they're doing.

No lock is 100% safe. If you wish to break into someone's vault and succeed, either by role-playing with a Storyteller, or having the right key, you may do so. However, this rule will apply to everyone, so make sure your vaults are secured.

You are allowed to bury chests under sand, gravel, dirt and normal clay. Any other block must have some sort of redstone mechanism in order to reveal the chest.

If you are lucky enough to amass riches over the course of your characters life, or if you have any important plot-related items, please let a Storyteller know where you are keeping them. In the event of your death, they may be able to re-introduce your riches to the rest of the population in a suitable manner.

Do not dig 1x2 tunnels in order to travel somewhere quickly or to search for resources.

If you wish to mine, the character must have reason to do so and must put the time and effort into creating a nice looking mine. A mine should include supports, a layout, and some sort of storage solution.

Storytellers may reward players for good-looking, suitable builds.

Any poorly made tunnels that are found will usually be filled in by a Storyteller to avoid unnecessary rendering for our players with weaker computers.

We are a predominantly PvE server. We encourage team-work between players, races and factions, against larger foes. However, every so often friction will arise between races, factions, towns, or otherwise.

If combat is necessary, you must provide some sort of warning to the other party.

The standard agreed upon warning is any emote of weapons being drawn within a chat range of the person you are opening hostilities against. If someone has drawn a blade then they're good to stab you and you have been warned!

We support and encourage the use of RP combat but by default mechanical combat is supported.

  • Under no circumstances are you to attack another player with no warning, you must give warning through emotes or other clear In Character signs, like yelling at them directly.
  • When emoting to begin a combat it is suggested that the agressor propose RP combat in their opening emote lest the other party assume mechanical PVP.
  • While we have no set time limit to wait before attacking after your emote. We advise reading your emote back to yourself and then giving it a good two count before left clicking. This is just to ensure your RP partnet has time to read and know what's happening.
  • Emoting in a chat range like Whisper or Quiet where someone cannot hear you does not constitute a proper emote
  • If a player is invisible. All attacks against them are legal without emote or prior warning.
  • If you join a fight in progress without emoting you will be held to the same administration action as the aggressor of the fight should it turn out to have not been emoted properly. Emote as you join a fight to be safe.
  • Combat building is against the rules. This includes the placing of any blocks, lava, or water without ST consent.
  • Intentional combat logging is a bannable offence.

Sometimes players may wish to break off from the current group of settlements. Good news! We support this too! We do however like to ensure that any new settlements are going to provide healthy and active environments for roleplay. If you're heading down the path of setting up a new settlement we ask that you consult with the ST team about the feasibility of that endeavor.

We'll make a ruling on a case by case basis but we will want to see a good number of active players planning to sign on with your new settlement in order for it to be okayed.

Remember to secure some storyteller buy in before telling Urist McBookeeper he can come help you found NewFortsville!

We allow the contents of our own modpack aswell as optionally: Horse Debug Info, Cull Leaves and the BWRP Chat Range Companion mod.

We are happy to update this list if you contact a member of staff to have a mod approved.

Use of any other mods to gain an unfair advantage is a bannable offence.