A people whose foundations are built on tradition and knowledge while attempting to maintain a balance of self and purpose.

Spiritual and proud, the Hjen sought harmony with the Venswood over dominance of it; frequently choosing to migrate to new areas along the coasts when nature pressed on them. Holding the history of their ancestors in high regard, the Hjen try to ensure that the wisdom of the past is spread to all who will hear it. They value artistic or spiritual pursuits but will dive into the fray to use their powerful build if necessary.

Three Hjen, of varying affinities.

Lessons of the Wayfarers

Being a race founded on the traditions of wayfaring, the Hjen started their journey in the Tidal Groves, making their life on the bounty of the coastal seas, before moving into the more harsh regions of the Venswood. Hjen have a deep cultural understanding of exploration and settling regions anew. Rather than shaping the environment to their needs, they become one with it and take only what they can use. Tales of the ancestors are woven into stories that are retold through oral tradition so younger generations may build on the teachings of their predecessors.

The Ink Of Memory

As part of their traditional practices, each Hjen seeks to record their knowledge and experiences in the form of body tattoos. Over their long lives, these tattoos might be renewed as they fade or replaced with new or improved wisdom. Sharing the histories of one's tattoos is a common practice, and there is no greater sign of respect than adopting the teachings of another Hjen upon one’s own skin. When a Hjen dies, their inkings are studied and their weave is spoken aloud at the funeral so their lessons can join the oral histories of their ancestors.

Voices of the Ancestors

The Hjen develop their spiritual traditions from the retelling of stories to learn from their past. Their ancestors observed the movements of flora and fauna throughout their life cycles and drew meaning from their spirits. What can be observed in the physical can be applied to the feelings of the spirit to determine an outcome previously unseen.

In passing these stories, one may seek their own Weave and the desires of oneself much more deeply than those who are not in tune. In doing this, the Hjen are much more strict with their own desires and may place restrictions on themselves or their communities for seeking things that are not necessary.


Hjen tend to sit around 2-3 meters tall with a full range of body sizes. Hjen come in a variety of skin colors, from pale yellows, greens and pale greys to darker reds and oranges. Hjen typically have black, silver, or gray eyes, with yellow and red being rarer. Most Hjen have tusks and horns on their body. Hjen usually have a shade of black or white for hair. Auburn, blond, and red hair also exist, but aren't as common.


Hjen mature physically at around the age of 30 and typically live to around 160, with the eldest Hjen living to about 200

Hjen names consist of many short syllables and guttural stops, typically taking from Chinese, Persian, and Turkic naming conventions.

Example masculine first names: Rhion, Cem, Sogut, Feng

Example feminine first names: Fa, Ayca, Nil, Rhania