Players are able to use a series of unique skills from three different pools in BWRP: Novice, Profession, and Race. Novice skills are able to be chosen by any character minus the doctor, while Profession and racial skills are locked to each character’s individual professions and races.

You may also unlock additional abilities with roleplay.

Novice Skills

Novice skills are mostly combat abilities that sometimes inform important character traits and roleplay opportunities. They will be outlined here.

  • Band Together: Use your shield to cover you and your allies and counter direct attacks for a short while.
  • Thrust: A character thrusts their weapon forward in a strike with increased range that pierces enemies.
  • Bloodthirst: A character is often invigorated by the bloodlust, restoring health when killing monsters or attacking players.
  • Cleave: A sweeping blow in a cone in front of the character that damages and pushes back enemies a small distance.
  • Hard Target: A character’s erratic movements make them harder to hit and granting them increased evasion from attacks.
  • Force: A low damage attack that forces characters and monsters away a large distance.
  • Daze: A suckerpunch that disables the target and exhausts the user for a short period of time.
  • Quickshot: Quickly shoots an arrow.
  • Field Medic: A character is trained in field medicine and can tend to wounds and heal a target.
  • Dart: Fires a dart in a line.
  • Spark Burst: A small magical burst of fire.
  • Brawler: Your hands can be used as weapons. Your punches are stronger, and you can cast the skill to do an uppercut.
  • Horse Charge: Gives a horse you're riding a quick speed boost.

Racial Skills


Patch Job Myriad can consume an iron block and gain 20 absorption HP and a full heal.

Iron Body When Myriad fall from a high place, they do splash damage and have major reduced fall damage. They give you a little “CLANG!” when they hit the ground.

Clang High/Low/Mid Myriad can clang on command in a myriad of tones.

Pellet Clang Once every few days a myriad with a full belly can cough up a strange pellet!


Solar Affinity During the day, solar affinity Caeli are quicker on their feet and can gain saturation with a small channel

Biome Immunity Solar Caeli are immune to the Hellfire biome effects

Lunar Affinity During the night, lunar affinity Caeli are quicker on their feet and can gain saturation with a small channel

Biome Immunity Lunar Caeli are immune to the Mountain biome effects

The Lambent Front

Versatile The Front gain 1 additional novice skill to choose from.

Biome Immunity The Lambent Front are immune to the Hellfire biome

The Dwarven Clans of Votha

Dwarven Vision Dwarves have the ability to grant and remove Nightvision from themselves

Dwarven Gut Dwarves can recover from mechanical drunkenness

Dwarven Industry Dwarves have Haste 1 and Slowness 1

Biome Immunity Dwarves are immune to Mountain Biome


Kihai Affinity Kihai may choose from one of the following abilities

Nausea Cloud When hit, Kihai can release a toxic cloud

Thorns When hit, Kihai can reflect damage

Bark Skin Occasionally gain bark skin resistance during combat

Kihai are quick on their feet and can jump high

Biome Immunity Kihai are immune to dark forest effects


Hjen Appetite Hjen can consume raw meat for increased saturation

Biome Immunity Hjen are immune to the desert effect


Tumble Cuthail are nimble and are able to dash forward and backwards.

Cuthail are quick on their feet and can jump high

Endless Spears

Versatile Spears gain 1 additional novice skill to choose from.

Horse Masters Endless Spears are masters of horses and their familiarity allows them to push their mounts to their limits of speed.

Feed Horse Hold an apple and cast the skill. This will feed your horse while riding.